Several additional features make our products unique and give them an additional effectiveness:

  • A general “threefold” concept of formulation. (See full page description in the Product Catalog).
  • The Pentas TM process. (See full page description in the Product Catalog).
  • Ashing and salt extraction processes are used extensively in order to obtain a more “full spectrum” formula that can truly support a holistic therapeutic effect.
  • Rhythmical exposure of the mother substances to the sun forces over several days.
  • Proprietary, completely non-alcoholic, herbal extraction method (not just “alcohol removed”).
  • Our formulas are prepared with specialized equipment unique to the US, imported from Switzerland (the Inversina®mixer). This allows novel rhythmical processes to be used.
  • Special attention is given to the star constellations and weather surrounding the making of each formula.
  • GMP (good manufacturing practices) rules compliant.