Best Sellers

Please read below for more information on a few of our best sellers: Lung Root (Lemon and Menthol), AKBA Plus™, Berberine Plus™, Elderberry Thyme Syrup™, and Throat Defense™ (Berry and Menthol)!

Lungroot Lemon and Lungroot Menthol

Lungroot is an exceptionally high quality, pelargonium root (rich in umckalin) containing product. The root of Pelargonium sidoides has been known in traditional medicine, and confirmed by at least six different controlled clinical trials, to be a significant support for the immune system and support the health of the lung and upper respiratory tract.  





AKBA Plus™

This is the richest, full spectrum, frankincense (boswellia, AKBA) formula available. This product promotes a healthy respiratory system, joint function, digestive system and more.






Berberine Plus™

This is the most full spectrum barberry root formula available. This product promotes normal sugar and cholesterol levels, strong heart function, normal inflammatory state and more.






Elderberry Thyme Syrup™

This full spectrum formula provides a soothing effect in times of temorary coughs, congestions and other general winter related challenges. Promotes a strong immune defense and healthy respiratory system.





Throat Defense – Menthol  and Throat Defense – Berry

Throat Defense Mint and Berry

A break through, all natural remedy for the protection of the ear, nose and throat, with patented, clinically proven BLIS K12 throat-specific probiotics.